Arya Architects participates in a national travelling exhibition on design and architecture
On going
Fusion is their mantra
December 2017
A Photographic Tour of Ahmedabad's Janmarg BRT System
March 2017
The use of steel cables has allowed for greater degree of transparency, which has resulted in increased security.
March 2014
Steel Structures and Metal Buildings Vol 4, Issue 5 ,Page 98-99
Their buildings have a sense of integrity that comes from attention to detail, honesty in use of materials and accountable employment of technology. Here, complexity is a function of layering of thought.
October 2013
Indian Architect and Builder Practices of Consequences, Vol 2, Page 106-115
September 2013
Using climate-responsive techniques, Arya Architects design the Gogol Apartments in Margao,Goa as a whimsical mash-up of geometries.
March 2013
Indian Architect and Builder Volume 26 (7), page no 15-16
Feb 2012
Domus Volume 01, Issue 04
December 2011
Architect and Interiors India Volume 3, Issue 9, Page 48
One of the brightest emerging practices
June 2011
Arya Architects, an Ahmedabad-based architectural firm, marks a point in time for a city’s development by injecting a polarity of memory, materiality and change in the existential public fabric.
April 2011
Indian Architect and Builder Volume 24 (8), page no 27-45
The People's Way: Enhanced Urban Mobility
April 2010
What strikes about the Mewar Complex is that elements of traditional storytelling are absent. There are no statues, no paintings, no recreation of an epic, just a coming together of stones and space to stand for a nomad king’s life. Yet the memorials depict strength, solidity and a sense of challenging the elements. It reflects who we are today, as well as, the history of the desert.
May 2010
The mind is both at once, allowed to wonder in awe and wander in imagination, through its sheer dominion of scale, high elevated siting and a rugged tectonic and pure geometry of its plan.
May 2010
Spade Vol 2
The shelters that were eventually constructed reflect a focus on multifunctional simplicity: backlit signages doubles as lighting at night; the passive solar design features cantilevered slabs and cross ventilation; external seating is integrated into the structure.
April 2010
May-June 2000
Architecture + Design (A+D)